Do you think people would judge you if you told your story? Are you as resistant to personal criticism as I am? Would your story help someone? Would it tell someone that someone understands exactly what they’re going through? Do you have any idea how precious your story is to that person?

I’ve been that person. And now I’m like you. There was a time when I would have donated a kidney to have a single conversation with someone who had been through what I was facing. I was desperate for someone to truly understand, not just sympathize, with my situation.

Now I find people reaching out for me to understand them. And I’m instantly out of my element. I don’t sympathize well. In fact I can be rather cold and calculating. Some people appreciate my objectivity, but most seem resistant. Weird.

I’m not the compassionate type. If you want advice (or not) I’ll give you my honest feedback. If you want someone to agree with you for making bad life choices, you should probably call another¬†friend.